Environmental Health and Safety

Nowadays, with so many requirements changing, there is an increase in the workload in updating the information. This goes with material and product data management. It also includes raw material, dangerous goods management, substances registration, safety data sheets and labelling preparation.

Integration in the work place has led to the integration of management processes for accident reporting, claim processing, storage management, safety and risk analysis.

These processes facilitate Health and Safety representatives to work more closely with the Human Resource (HR) department, and Material Management department.

The production of information reports on hazardous substances, such as SARA lists, fire department reports and land registry requirements are also made more manageable.

At Codub Consulting, our experience in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) compliance enables us to manage the change required, in bringing EH&S processes in line within other business work flows.

We have an experienced consultant that can provide advise on implementation of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), for hazardous chemicals acquired, stored, used, and created by your company.

Are you aware of some of the following Health and Safety Legal Regulations in Europe?

>> EU Directive 67/548/EEC
>> Inventory list: EINECS
>> Inventory list: ELINCS
>> REACH (upcoming European chemical directive)