Application Hosting & Support

Maintenance Connection or Maximo can be deployed as a service via the internet (SaaS/Cloud). We implement and host it outside your company.

Option 1

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Customer is provided with an application software service accessible via the Internet that is paid for on a monthly basis.

Option 2

Buy and Host Online

Customer purchases and owns the software. Codub Consulting hosts the application in our secure data centre accessible via the Internet.

What does this mean?

  • You only need a PC that can access internet
  • No additional hardware
  • No software
  • Thin IT infrastructure (at least no dedicated Application Support team)
  • You pay a monthly subscription fee, which helps your budgeting

Detailed benefits of our externally hosted solution

Cost savings

  • Reduction of upfront costs with a static monthly fee
  • You would make a lot of savings in terms of consultancy as most of the work will be done off site
  • Better budget control and planning of expenditures
  • Less time spent on invoice administration

Faster implementation

  • Implementation timeline will be in weeks and not several months or even years
  • We can customise the solution to your requirements
  • Low cost of scalability i.e. it will be cheaper to add additional sites, properties or users.

Access anywhere, anytime  

  • Using a standard web browser to access the Maintenance Connection system anywhere, anytime without using VPN connections.


  • Complete scalability will enable you to add new sites, properties, buildings, users to the system as and when required without having to incur large implementation costs.
  • Easily adjust to changing business needs due to mergers, acquisitions and deregulation

Reduced dependence on internal IT resource

  • No need to purchase & manage servers.
  • No need to buy & manage SQL Server licenses
  • No need to have dedicated NT resource to manage the servers.
  • No need to recruit and train internal IT staff dedicated to Maintenance Connection functions

Protection from obsolescence

  • Our support includes installation of all patches & hot fixes to SQL Server and Maintenance Connection
  • Our support includes all standard upgrades to the application
  • State-of-the-art hardware in hosted data centre

Top Level Support

  • We will provide a priority web-based support system to ensure that any enquiries are dealt within the fastest way possible. We provide a team consisting of Microsoft System Administration, SQL Server Database Administration and Maintenance Connection System Administration and qualified support technicians that will look after your needs.
  • The network and infrastructure is monitored 24 hours a day by qualified Corporate Support Engineers who can pro-actively monitor services and the status of hardware and resources. If a problem is detected or anticipated our engineers will respond to the problem and keep you notified of any issues, potential or actual.
  • The servers utilised would be located in a tier 1 data centre in the UK which is engineered to the highest levels, with extensive systems to address security and network redundancy, enabling a 100% infrastructure availability guarantee.