Asset Survey and Auditing Service

Codub Consulting has a systematic approach of conducting facilities audit. This approach enables management to determine services that are in need of attention and improvement.

We use the industry standard Motorola handheld PDAs to do the asset collection, which eliminates the need for paperwork and all the associated errors and time delays. The Motorola handheld we use packs the power of a cell phone, two-way radio, bar code scanner, digital camera and mobile computer.

Independent condition reports are then produced, which reflect plant and equipment condition at a given time. The reports allow the client to be proactive in their approach to breakdown and maintenance and to achieve cost savings in future budgets. The scope of work is identified and agreed in discussion with the client to ensure all Asset or Property Condition Surveys meet the client’s expectations and requirements.

The physical condition of each Asset or property is assessed and condition defects are identified. The ratings can be simply as follows:
  1. Hazardous – Requires urgent attention. Closure of building imminent and presents a danger if left unattended.
  2. Bad – Whilst not dangerous must receive a high priority because of its bad state.
  3. Partly bad – Affected parts should receive a high priority.
  4. Poor – Whilst unsatisfactory, presents no immediate risk of failure. Replacement or repair should be considered in the near future.
  5. Reasonable – Satisfactory, operating as intended. Routine maintenance only required. Review at next opportunity.
  6. Good – As new and requires no attention.
Or the condition could be more complicated as follows:
  1. As new
  2. Sound, operationally safe and exhibits only minor deterioration
  3. Sound, operationally safe but appearance may affect business reputation
  4. Operational but major repair or replacement needed soon
  5. Operational but major repair or replacement needed soon to minimise risk to business continuity
  6. Inoperable or serious risk of failure or breakdown
  7. Lack of compliance with current Legislation
  8. Further Investigation required by specialist
  9. Further Investigation required with access equipment
  10. Redundant

We have Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Building Services Engineers who are capable of meeting the different requirements.

After each survey a report is produced and in summary contains:

  • Asset / Property Suitability
  • Asset / Property Maintenance
  • Compliance to standards
  • Legislation
  • Obsolescence

Benefits of Codub’s approach to asset and location survey

  • Instant online downloadable electronic asset register
  • Standardization of data format resulting in high data accuracy as surveyors must fill required fields
  • Industry standard approach to asset survey using standard hierarchies (e.g. SFG20, CAWS, CISBE)
  • Data collection via handheld PDAs
  • Time stamped survey data
  • Huge reduction in manual data manipulation resulting in huge cost savings
  • Easier bulk data manipulation to suit different client requirements/CMMS system
  • Tagging actual locations e.g. meeting rooms, boiler rooms would allow proper management of work orders for grouped assets like lighting to be monitored correctly.
  • Information for several assets can be obtained from a single location bar code where the assets reside e.g. you can view all outstanding work orders in a computer room.
  • Bar-coding locations will also help manage the soft services more efficiently particularly for cleaning, reception and security.
  • Ability to monitor both asset and non-asset related work orders associated within a location. This will make it easier for Facility Managers to monitor real time information on outstanding work without checking each asset data while on site visits.